Zobacz pełną wersję : Picture Your English - konkurs

6.05.10, 14:55
Konkurs pod patronatem British Council.
Trzeba sfotografować jakiś idiom z listy i można sobie wygrać translatora albo innego gadżeta.

http://angielski.gazeta.pl/angielski/1,105711,7801582,Konkurs_fotograficzny__Picture_yo ur_English____druga.html?utm_source=HP&utm_medium=AutopromoHP&utm_content=140x121&utm_campaign=a_brylaHP0510

Lista idiomów:

a bad patch

faint heart never won fair lady

on cloud nine

young at heart

to take issue with sb

whistle in the dark

to hammer sth into someone

to be at one's wits' end

to be head over heels in love

to be in somebody's shoes

scared to death

rat race

keep a straight face

make oneself scarce

make a fuss about sth

greasy spoon green with envy

have one foot in the grave

have something on the brain

faint heart never won fair lady

get on sb's nerves

get up on the wrong side of the bed

couch potato

an early bird

as deaf as a post

as dull as ditchwater

as stubborn as a mule

be a wet blanket

be on the crest of a wave

a babe in the woods

a bundle of nerves

a ray of hope

a tough nut to crack